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Armand Christopher of Senior Living Realty, and Lorna Armstrong of Armstrong Emergency Readiness

Armand Christopher is originally from Chicago, IL and moved to Dallas in 1975. While working in many different industries over the years, Armand has always had a passion for real estate and has been a licensed realtor for over 35 years. When Armand decided to focus full time on real estate in 2001, he immediately became a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, which is a designation that is owned by the National Association of Realtors. Armand is now a board member of the National Associations of Realtors for that senior designation. He is widely viewed as an expert in senior relocation issues, and loves the opportunity to assist seniors and their families as they transition to new environments and new realities associated with downsizing.  Armand’s company is Senior Living Realty, found at or he can reached by phone at 214-564-5800.

Originally from Southern California, Lorna Armstrong was deeply impacted by a 7.0 earthquake near her home in Northridge in 1994.  Having seen firsthand what it was like to be without water, power, gas and other basic services, Lorna joined her fire department’s local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  When she moved to Alpharetta in 1998, she joined the CERT program in that community as well.  After 25 years in the corporate world, Lorna decided to make a business out of her passion for emergency preparedness, and formed Armstrong Emergency Readiness in 2009.  The mission of her company is to prepare families for any type of emergency, whether it is a “shelter in place” emergency, or an evacuation.  She trains families, caregivers and others on what to put in the Emergency Preparedness “kit” and how to be ready to survive the aftermath of an emergency.  For more information, please contact Lorna at (404) 952-0647, or visit her website at

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Joe Blumberg, Mary Frances Hansen and Pat Housel

Mary Frances Hansen is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Dallas 35 years ago. In her late 50s Mary Frances went to work for Princess Cruises where she met her husband, Richard Barry who is a headlining entertainer on Cruise Ships. Having been an RN, including 7 years as an ICU nurse, she has been professionally serving others for most of her adult life. Mary Frances has a heart for volunteering (she is a professional volunteer) and spent many years working closely with the Alzheimer’s Association. Upon discovering the Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant she saw it as and excellent platform to spread the word on Alzheimer’s awareness, she entered and won the competition, becoming Ms. Texas Sr. America 1997. Mary Frances has been the Director and Pageant Coordinator for Ms. Texas Senior America since its resurrection in 2005.

Pat Housel grew up in Iowa and spent her high school years in Germany as her father was in the Army. When they returned to the states,her father was stationed at Fort Hood and her family settled in Dallas. Pat worked for Bank of America as a project manager and learned about the Ms. Texas Senior America pageant in 2006. Pat won the 2006 pageant and was asked to join the pageant’s board of directors after completing her reign. Her project management skills are an asset to the pageant and Pat has been the Pageant Coordinator since 2006.

For more information about the pageant, please visit You can also email Mary Frances Hansen at:

Joe Blumberg founded Specifics, Inc. in 1985. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer and meeting Dr. Nikhil Shah, Founder and President of the Men’s Health and Wellness Center, Joe became the Director of Men’s Health in 2009. The Men’s Health and Wellness Center is about men from all walks of life who face serious health issues as they age, and men would want to take action to improve their health and quality of life. Dr. Shah started Men’s Health and Wellness Center with the vision to not create an ‘executive spa’ but rather to provide specific and concrete information on these health concerns.
For more information about the Men’s Health and Wellness Center you can visit or call 678-638-6388.

Steve Roland and Sandra Coughlin

Steve Roland was born in San Diego, CA and received a bachelor’s degree in communication before entering the Christian ministry.  After 14 years as a minister, he moved his family to Texas where he entered the senior care industry. Steve developed a great respect and admiration for the veterans that he was working with and quickly identified a need to assist veterans with the Aid and Attendance Benefit that they earned through their service. Steve has a great passion for helping veterans and their families understand

and qualify for the V.A. Aid and Attendance benefit and this passion is evident in how he talks about what he does. Steve can be reached by phone at 214-918-8400 or by email at, there is also more information available on his website at

After going to college and earning a marketing degree, Sandra Coughlin had the luxury of staying at home to raise and home school her two boys.  Not having enough to do, Sandra started investigating ways of generating supplemental income while staying at home.  She found Heritage Makers, an organization dedicated to helping families discover, preserve and celebrate their family stories and heritage.  Specifically, Sandra helps families create high quality, library-bound photo books, cards, canvases, digital scrapbooks and other gifts that will provide an enduring legacy for both current and future generations.  According to Sandra, “Story” is at the heart of what she does.  Her unique online publishing process memorializes a families heritage and a unique and meaningful way.  If you would like more information about the process, check out Sandra’s website at, or call her at 678-227-8468.

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Nicole Davis and Toni Davis of UniHealth Post-Acute Care and Residents of C.C. Young

Jack and Martha Morgan are residents of C.C. Young’s assisted living community. Jack was born in Dallas and has lived in the area for his entire life. Martha grew up in Central Texas before moving to Dallas for college. After graduating, Jack and Martha were married and have are now in their 64th year of marriage.

Dr. Don Benton has been a resident of Dallas since 1958. A United Methodist minister, Dr. Benton moved to Dallas to serve churches in the area. Dr. Benton served on the board of C.C. Young and participated in the ground breaking before he was a resident. Dr. Benton is currently serving as the Chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care at C.C. Young.

Anita Walker is a native of St. Louis and moved to Dallas to be closer to her daughter a couple of years ago. Anita appreciates the family atmosphere and participates in many of the various activities that C.C. Young offers its residents. A frequent traveler, Anita appreciates the freedom and security that living at C.C. Young has provided.

Bernice Press is an East Texas native and a veteran of the U.S. Navy. She spent many years away from Texas as she served in the Navy, but moved back to Dallas to be closer to her mother. Bernice knew that she did not want to be burdened by a house, and started looking for a retirement community as soon as she knew she was ready. Bernice has lived at C.C. Young for 17 years and is an active member of the community and one of the stars of their nationally ranked Wii Bowling team. As a nurse, she strives to continue improving the lives of the other residents of the community.

Lois Schermerhorn is a New Jersey native who has spent time in Minnesota, Washington, DC, Massachusetts, and Texas. After suffering a serious injury, Lois and her husband knew that they needed to find a retirement community. After trying out a community across town and realizing that it was not friendly to walkers and wheel chairs, they decided to move to C.C. Young and she has never been happier. Lois considers C.C. Young’s continuing care offerings a blessing as she was able to continue living in her independent living apartment as her husband entered hospice care.

A very special ‘thank you’ goes out to Assistant Director of Development and Public Relations, Emily Huddelston for coordinating such a wonderful group of residents for us to talk to!

For more information about C.C. Young, you can visit their website at or you can call 214-827-8080.

A nurse by training and experience, Toni Davis is a mother of 5 and a seventeen year veteran of long term care for seniors.  Toni is a Senior Care Partner for UniHealth Post-Acute Care in Decatur.  Her role is to be the liaison between a patient or patient’s family and the nursing staff at UniHealth.

A South Carolina native, Nicole Davis also selected her career in health and long term care more than seventeen years ago.  She joined the current facility a number of years ago when it was Laurel Bay.  It has since been purchased by UHS Pruitt, and has undergone a million dollar renovation.  Toni notes that in addition to the physical improvements, UHS Pruitt has implemented a number of procedural and policy changes that have significantly improved the facility both for its residents and its staff.  Today,Toni is the Admissions Director for the facility.  She tells us that post-acute care is typically a transition for a patient from the hospital environment back into the home environment.  This transition can be from a few days to a few months, but is often 20 days or less, and takes the form of physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy.  Toni and Nicole can be reached at (404) 212-3400.  If you would like to take a tour, stop in at 3200 Panthersville Road in Decatur.

Special thanks to Griswold Special Care, A Tradition in Home Care Excellence since 1982, for hosting today’s show!