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A weekly radio show celebrating those who have given their careers to serving seniors and disabled individuals to make their lives comfortable, meaningful and fulfilled.

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Amy’s Place is a beautiful, welcoming historic home in Roswell with a rambling front porch complete with white rockers, at 14 Sloan Street, right off the old park square behind Spiced Right BBQ. There are flowers in the yard and often you’ll find Earl, the resident Schnauzer is in the yard too. Everything about Amy’s … [more]

Gene Norman grew up in New York, got his meteorology degree at University of Maryland and moved to Florida to work for NASA.  In 1993, Gene decided what he really wanted to do was be a TV weatherman. So he proceeded to “knock on the doors” of one TV station after another near Houston, where he … [more]

Bruce Mack met Lori, his wife of 34 years in elementary school, but he wisely waited until high school to start dating her and when he got his job at UPS, 34 years ago, they tied the knot that still holds!  They have 2 young adult children. During his 34 year career at UPS he managed … [more]

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