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A weekly radio show celebrating those who have given their careers to serving seniors and disabled individuals to make their lives comfortable, meaningful and fulfilled.

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48 millions Americans have hearing loss….In 1990, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) levied a tax on communication companies for the sole purpose of helping Americans with disabilities associated with communication. This tax funds free phones for Americans with hearing problems and Monique Waldron’s job is to make sure people with hearing problems get a … [more]

Dr. Alan Wang graduated from the University of Kentucky, and did his medical training at Emory.  After 15 years working in the hospital setting, Dr. Wang became associated with Salude to “reform transitional care within the outpatient environment”.  Salude is unlike any outpatient recovery center in the country, in that its “100% dedicated to recovery … [more]

Cathy Jobe, the sixteenth franchisee of Oasis Senior Advisors, hails from Green Bay, WI and is a true Green Bay Packer “Cheesehead”.  After attended college at Arizona State and graduating with a degree in communication, she became a human resource and communication manager in the Midwest.  Cathy’s husband was relocated to Atlanta and for the … [more]

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